[Checklist] Pinterest For Business: How To Get Started

[Checklist] Pinterest For Business: How To Get Started
Need help with setting up a Pinterest account for your business, the right way?
Here is a 75 point checklist from power influencer and social media strategist Anna Bennett of White Glove Social Media to help you master Pinterest for business.

Here is what you’ll get:

1. Set-up Your Pinterest Account (12 point checklist)
2. Create Pinterest Boards (20 point checklist)
3. Adding Pins (11 point checklist)
4. Boost Pinterest Traffic (25 point checklist)
5. Freshen up your Pinterest page (3 point checklist)
6. Tracking traffic (2 point checklist)

I especially like the Top Secret tips and some of the tips on the Create Pinterest Boards part. Go check it out and come back and let me know what tips on this list, do you  like the most ?

Click here to see the full 75 point checklist.

Photo Credit: mkhmarketing

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